Your benefits of direct bookings
Always best price guarantee when booking directly on our website
Very good value for money
No hidden charges
Easy and fast access to your reservation
Loyalty discounts

Enjoy to be our guest
All the halls are air conditioned. Their arrangement is made according to the client’s requirement.
The price is negotiable, depending on the number of the participants, the duration, the services needed etc. Preferences are made at certain conditions. Our team will prepare, organize and coordinate everything about your event. Our marketing department will work out and offer an interesting conception and various ideas for your insentive program to be complete, various, relaxing and healthy.
Elena Ivanova - Hotel Manager
Some of our partners are:
Lukoil, Science Invest, Apis, Oriflame, La Roshe, Nestle etc.
We are at your services
If needed by the client we can provide additional special equipment in every hall

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